It’s All About Me …Rarely

This may be my most difficult piece to write to date. Who enjoys writing about themselves? Not this girl. In a nutshell, I am a creative creature who is easily distracted by glitz and glimmer in the creative world. I travel down multiple avenues simultaneously on a daily basis and can usually be found in my car talking to myself about my next adventure.

After writing for several years and hiding it all away, I published my first book under a pen name, and then another and a third. Then…I jumped to freelance and began a three year journey of writing for others as a ghostwriter. As of 2017, I no longer write as a ghostwriter. I love my works and want to share them under my name with anyone who wants to read them.

My hands are usually busy with typing or jotting down ideas while I wait on one thing or another. If I am not living in my creative world than I am a sad, sad girl. We should all do what we love. Don’t you agree? Let’s vow, right here, right now, to always be happy and not just comfortable.