Put A Lid On It

Hello my name is Cricket and I am a recovering craft addict. I have been crafting for (cough) a long time. I knew I was an addict when I started going to rummage sales and buying all the bins of scrap fabric and boxes of mismatched knitting needles. I don’t even knit. I would go into antique shops in search of sewing patterns from the 70”s and 60’s, only to horde them away in secret hiding places in my home. I guess I hit rock bottom when more than half my basement had become an in-home studio, complete with three sewing machines, a cutting table and wall to wall shelving stocked with a plethora of fabrics, accessories and assorted craft books (sniff and whimper). Thank you.

I love to be creative. However, I have maximum creative A.D.D. I use to co-own a shop to sell all my crafts, but I gave that up a few years ago and January of last year, I put my crafting hat away and focused on my writing full time. I do not regret this at all. That being said, I was left with an abundance of craft materials that I cannot seem to part with. This brings me to my first 2019 resolution.

In order to dwindle my stock down, and free up space in my home I have decided to add one craft back in this year. In order to do this, I told myself, that as long as I continued to keep up with my writing and if everything I created was then set free out into the world, I could allow my first love of handmade creations back in. That is how this year was deemed “Year of the Hats”.

I will be taking all my Tote bins of yarn, and crocheting hats throughout 2019. At the end of the year all these hats will be donated to those in need of warmth to their precious heads. I will keep a hat count, and if anyone wants to hook along with me, feel free. It allows some great time to create as well as think on writing projects, especially when writer’s block strikes. Not only will my quietly awaiting stock be properly used and diminished, I will be able to look back through the year with a sense of accomplishment and warmth knowing that I am helping others and indulging in one of my first loves. As far as my crafting scattered brain-ness goes, with a year off behind me, I think I may now be a recovered crafter. (Jitter, shake.)



I can still look at the craft store sales ads right?


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