Okay, maybe not everything, but it is a new year so happy that, at least.

I am having a hard time believing it has been a full year since I put my mind to doing what makes me happy, wow. I can’t say it has all be fabulous, but it has been pretty darn good. Of course, I didn’t accomplish all I set out to do, but I’m a firm believer in, “go big or go home”. How did you all do in 2018? I know there has to be at least one item that makes you smile when you look back on it, even if it was that awesome chocolate cookie you scored at that little place down on the corner with the coffee…wait, that was me, but you get what I mean.

So here we are in 2019. Have you set your goals? Have you set a goal not to have any goals? Either way, it’s all good. I myself have set up four personal goals for the new year. I’m certain I will be sharing them as they take place.

2018’s theme was a year of positive attitudes and finding happiness. I will continue that into 2019, but I am embracing the theme of “just be”. With out getting up on a soapbox, I will simply say this past year has found too many self centered aggressions around our world. I’d like to put forth the idea of “just be” meaning, no judgements. Just be you and be proud of who you are, regardless of what others say or think. Let them just be them. No one can take away what you are inside, embrace it, flaunt it, and be proud of it, JUST BE.

HAPPY 2019!


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