Sharing is Caring

Have you ever stumbled upon something wonderful and then argued with yourself on what the right thing to do was? Should you hide it and keep it all for yourself, or share it with everyone? Maybe just a few trusted friends, or your significant other. That’s where I am at this moment in time and I haven’t even arrived at the end of my find yet. It’s that wonderfully good to me, like chocolate peanut butter ice cream or Junior’s cheesecake. Mmmmmm, cheesecake.

My line of thinking followed this twisted and turned path. “Wow, this is me. OMG, how is this possible, it’s amazing. I want to tell someone. No wait, if I share it then someone else will reap these benefits. Don’t tell. Okay, I have to tell someone. I’ll tell my daughter, she’s on my wave length. Yeah, she gets me. Others should have this too. But what if…no it’s out there available to anyone. I found it, they will find it too. Should I help them find it? No-no-no, keep it for you. Share it. It will feel good to share it. Look how you feel, look how it’s inspired you. Okay I’m gonna share it. Am I? Yes.”

By now you are probably completely lost and thinking what a nutcase I am, not to mention cursing me for making you go out and buy cheesecake. So, while you savor that decadent treat take the time to look up or even buy Jennifer Probst’s book Write Naked. If you have ever even toyed with the thought of becoming a writer, this book is a must to have in your library. I swear this woman is living a parallel life to mine, only a few steps ahead, which is giving me mad hope.

write naked
Bonus for having my favorite colored tee shirt 🙂

Jennifer writes a main staple of romance, but I feel this book is informative for anyone with a dream of writing, struggling in the world of writing, or already published. Her witty banter with the reader makes the whole book feel like you are sitting in your living room with well…cheesecake and your best friend. I have yet to finish this book, as I only purchased it two days ago, but the half I have ravenously absorbed thus far has me writing notes, looking at new websites, revamping my ideas and sticking post-it notes in the pages and on my bedroom walls. It’s that good.

Wow, I was right; it does feel pretty damned good to share this. If you have the time and are looking for a reference book that will become one of your most worn and dog-eared prized possessions, get out there and get this book. You won’t regret it.


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