Living A Dream

I spent the better part of my morning dwelling on the title for this post. Originally I was going to go with Living the Dream then, Living My Dream, but neither of those are a true statement. “The” would indicate that there is a universal, standard dream that the masses are trying to achieve. “My” would be strictly for me, one personal dream, and one personal goal. This was neither, so “A” seemed fitting, because in reality dreams can vary from day to day, person to person, mood to mood. We all hold a multitude of dreams if you give it any thought. Just this morning my dream was a sunny day, a medium coffee and an easy go Monday at work, which I did not achieve, but I hoped for it. Yesterday, on the other hand, I did live “a” dream.

Some dreams are combination goals and enjoyments, and just as fulfilling as a personal goal. So although it was not 100% my dream, I still gained some great “feels” from it. Simplicity is sometimes very rewarding. Yesterday was Mother’s day and I fully enjoyed letting the moms in my life know that I appreciate them, though I fully believe we should celebrate them all year through, dads, grandma, grandpas, sisters, brothers and all family and friends included. I won’t get up onto that soapbox today, but people are important to our lives, every day. Moving forward, I had some lovely time enjoying the good weather and sharing laughter and smiles with the parental units and being part of what their dreams may have been for the day.

Afterwards, the husband and I went to our local home improvement store and made a home purchase of a riding lawn mower. Now again, this is not my dream, but I was part of my husband’s dream and therefore derived some great happiness from seeing him happy. Not only was he thrilled to finally have a riding mower, but after fifteen years of push mowing the lawn, he was finally able to do all the trim while someone else mowed the lawn. Which I thoroughly enjoyed doing (By the way, I named her Jenny due to the fact that the video my husband took of me on the mower reminded me of Forest Gump. I can’t explain my line of thinking all the time.)

Sometimes, you don’t even realize what the dream is until it happens. While pacing around the store waiting on the hubs to load the truck, I happened upon a very reasonably priced American flag set. Before I knew it I was carrying home my new 3×5 Red, White and Blue. Let me tell you, I was thrilled to patriotic pieces. When we first bought our home there had been a place for a flag pole, but after renovations and new paint jobs the idea that there should be one was forgotten. I didn’t recall how much I wanted one, so it had become a forgotten dream, until yesterday. Never let your dreams go, even the little ones. They truly bring ample joy.

So, you may be asking, “Cricket, what was your dream for yesterday?” Again we go to the simple pleasures of life. Every year when the weather finally reaches the point where I know there will be no more fluffy, frozen flakes falling; I love to go to my favorite soft serve stand. The house has been empty of off spring these days and the hubs and I had spent a grand day together so, what better way to top it off than with a small, vanilla, rainbow sprinkled cone. Dream accomplished!

Yes, this is a small.

Whether it’s “a” dream, “the” dream, or “your” dream, I hope you are in it today and every day.




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